Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Amythra 29

Leaf juice is the closest thing to tea in this world. What few Annalow citizens know, however, is that the best leaf juice comes from Rumor Trees found and cultivated on Jerrow Island. Even though the leaf juice at By Graces has the second best Leaf Juice in the city and the juice was brewed cool and kept in barrels in the basement next to some of the wines, this juice was only the 11th best leaf Juice Amythra had ever had. She made a face at her cup as soon as her tongue registered the disappointment, then she continued plan a. Lament the loss of her map.

As far as Anna was concerned, this WAS the best leaf juice, but she was biased, of course, having grown up around the bizarre. This juice made her feel at home and she smiled pleasantly, politely nodding to an recently befreinded Marf Physician who noticed her from within the crowd. "It always helps me think, this juice." Anna said out loud. "Maybe it will help you."

"No." Amythra sniveled and cleaned her face on her vest again. "It's hopeless. Everything is hopeless."

"What did you lose? Or are you looking for something new?"

"I..." Amythra thought of the two things she lost in that day. Father might be so angry she'd lose her home as well. "I lost a lot. I lost a map to a place I was to deliver and I lost a brother today to the war."

"He's dead?"

"May as well be. He's at the barracks now, I imagine. At the docks."

"Oh." Goldeyes remembered the farewells she's given to some of her friends in the Red Guard because they had been recruited to help with the Borc Cross Melitia. "That war."

As they spoke, Roose and Boose sat on the other side of Amythra from Anna and ordered Calf Stake and a pitcher of Noon-Beer.

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