Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fox-Kin Origins

Many people in Mash'ta believed that the origin of all civilization was the Ixxar, the eldest anaviated race in the world, but Mash'ta is a Felfian word made by the second eldest race. Felf-kin invented language and philosophy, sure, but also civilization which was the supposed intent of the great Fox-God Mulla. Mash'ta means Heart, Center, or Core of all things.

Each animal spirit holds in its race a gift and it was Mulla's gift to control and, more importantly, to understand time so the great Fox-God is called "the Prophet of the World." Before Anaviation (which means creation of sentience) after the Ixxar Dragon-kin, the Fox-God looked at the whole of time, beginning to end, and was said to have taken an eternity carefully planning the place of his kin.

The foxes of Mash'ta were compelled to gather in three huge forests at three corners of Mash'ta all at once and was told a plan long since forgotten, then requested to be volunteers. Some, seeing flaw and mistrust in the the "Great Work" refused, so half the Fox Kin remained foxes. The rest who held faith in the Fox-God accepted and began their life with one word. "Mash'ta," the first word of the world.

This is why Fox Kin are the only race of people who still have their animal kin in the wild.

Felf kin had since forgotten or at least claimed ignorance to what the great work is, but faith in Mulla is faith in the Great Work and that Mulla has seen and understood the whole scope of time.

It is currently 2,000 years after Zero-Day, 4 seasons that both the living Goddess Mandra and the Fox-God Mulla has said will be an age of Firsts. All Fox Kin are ready.

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