Thursday, February 9, 2012

Amythra 18

History lesson finished, the modern setting of the Annalow's Bizarre, which the Great Climb and the ramp Amythra used both lead to, was the basis of philosophers and merchant-scientist life works. The location of Annalow in the Mash'ta on the Gold Ocean is equal distance from three other cities making it the center of trade and a hub for product shipments. This means that any and everything that was trade for gold at some point makes it's way through the city's bizarre.

The effect of this on Amythra, someone who spent fifteen years sheltered in a fishing village, was brain breaking. The variety of persons, places, and things available in every color and size was so overwhelming her hand sliped and she dropped her sack to the ground, spilling out a few of it's contents.

Groping for her possessions, she found it impossible to break eye contact with a Borc/Mume duo performing in the middle of the road. The Borc blew fire onto a torch and, after a bit of juggling, the Mume ate the fire. There was, behind them, a stand which sold twelve kinds of beer from five different countries and one of his buying customers was a Marf standing perhaps 3 feet talk, hairless with a broken nose tip covered in at least 21 colored silks from southern Alexture. Take this kind of chaos and multiply it by 20 and you'll have the full scope of Amythra's mind set.

Renewing the grip on the sack her father packed for her, she delved into the teeming celebration of commerce, unwittingly leaving behind the map to her destination.

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