Monday, February 20, 2012

I don't know what I'm doing.

Hey, Folks, this update is late in the day because...well, I'll explain.

First off, I'm determined to finish the Amythra story, but it has a small problem. When I began it, I didn't write an outline like I normally do with my other fiction. Even my current Webcomic, which I'm sort of wildly philandering with right now, has an outline. I know what the beginning, middle, and end are. No so with the internal and external struggles of our heroine.

If you want good proof of this and how little I'm paying attention, back up to Amythra 20, when she and Drory trade coins. I wanted to show how much this trip meant to her and her want was, let's face it, a pretty simple souvenir, BUT what's off is that Drory made no big deal that she didn't have gloves on for the trade of money. One could argue that it was because Drory noticed she was an islander, but that no excuse or worse; That implies that Jerrow Island has no members of the Church of the Living Goddess, who surely would have their own practitioners of white and red maidens.

I'm kind of ashamed to say I haven't been putting a lot of thought in this bit. The story isn't the purpose of the Blog (not really), however any creation of mine shouldn't be so...half handed. SO, I'm delaying a day because I need to wrap my head around where this story is going.

Let's look real quick at what has happened, and what it means, story wise.

First, I'm trying out the Outline theory that I read somewhere in Wired Magazine that goes in 8 steps, like circular motion.

1. Introduce the Familiar:

So Amythra is found drawing and contemplating the many ships that frequent the docks of her village and the annoyance of her brother's sibling love. She also has a father and a mentor (Crate the Effee). So far so good.

2. Introduce a Desire

The main thing here is, Amythra WANT'S her brother not to go to war, but that won't happen. As a consolation prize, she'll take his duties to her father and be given a chance to experience the Great City. I realize I should have played this up more. It's because I'm used to my old habbits of story outline, which doesn't mix well.

3. Throw the character into a new situation.

Easy. Annalow is so overwealming to her, it's like a guy from Perkins, OK suddenly thrown into New York, NY.

4. The Character Addapts


5. The Character Gains their desire.


6. Having paid a heavy price for it.


7. And so they return to the familiar...


8. ...having changed.


I have some work to do.

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