Thursday, March 1, 2012

Amythra 30

"You're brother, huh. Well, he must have volunteered, then. That's something. They don't draft outside of the city, islander."

Amythra turned off of Sad Street onto Angry Ave. "Yes, well he shouldn't have gone. He's thick headed and he shouldn't have gone!"

Anna sighed. "My name is Anna Goldeyes, girl. What's your name?" The way she asked sounded more like a protocol she wanted to get out of the way rather than a friendly gesture. It still took the islander girl aback slightly.

"Uh...Amythra Tanglenet."

"Amythra, if your brother is old enough to be accepted by the Annalow Relief Army, because they do not take children, then your brother is old enough to choose if he wants to fight or not."

The food Roose and Boose ordered finally arrived. Amythra hadn't seen any meat that wasn't fish before, but didn't let it distract her. "Well, he shouldn't of been able to choose, then." She turned back to Anna. "His father needs him and...and..." suddenly, Amythra found a great desire to focus on a tiny pin hole in the window seal in front of her. She turned her eyes downwards, away from Anna's golden eyes. " do I."

"I agree." Said Boose, who just put a large bite of steak into his mouth. His brother elbowed him, forcing Boose to swallow before he was ready. Amythra and Anna watch the ixxar choke.

It's no small secret that the Ixxar are not fond of mume communities, but they outright hate the Red Guard, and the Red Guard them. Anna raised a brow as one twin helped the other. "Of course YOU would." Amythra turned to her new friend and made the universal noise of curiosity. "All ixxar," said Anna, "disagree with freedom."

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