Sunday, February 19, 2012

Effee Rules

For the Active Exploits Take Two Game.


Here are the starting abilities and aspects for Effees

Tame Effees

Fitness: 0

Awareness: 0

Creativity: 1

Reasoning: -1

Luck: 4

Discipline: 5

Wild Effees

Fitness: 1

Awareness: 0

Creativity: 0

Reasoning: -1

Luck: 5

Discipline: 4

Spread 4 points among the above stats. You start with 4 Novice Skills, 3 Proficient, and 1 Expert skill.

All effees are tall and slender and rabbit like, the lazier ones fattening around the belly, but not must in the arms or legs. They stand 7 feet tall, adding 1 additional foot for ears, have tuft of fur for a tail, and differ in color exactly how rabbits and hairs differ, ranging from solid color to calico brown, black, and white. Solid white, or albino, Effees are prized by Annalow, but their large red eyes can be disconcerting.

Wild effees have tall ears that stand erect and elders and braves put on feather and ribbon earings to symbolize freedom. Tame effees have heavy earings that weigh down the ears and have colored patterns to note who owns what effee. After the slave-rings are removed, the ears tend to dangle for the rest of the effee's life.

Effee's are a complicated race, because on the inside of Annalow, they believe slavery is a way of life, necessary to pay Mandra back for anaviation. Tame effee are often quoted "There are many kinds of freedom." Meanwhile, the wild effee hold a grudge against Annalow because of their enslaved brothers and sisters. Wild ones rarely brave sneaking into the city, since all Effee with in Annalow are considered property, but that doesn't stop their occasional attacks on trade routes or the docks.

This conflict has gone on for so long that one can tell an effee, wild or tame, by their fur. Wild Effee live in the wilderness, adopting a culture not unlike Native Americans, and have fluffy and curly fur. Tame effees are groomed like pets and have a sleek and straight fur.

Note that Effee's are not stupid, per se, as much as they are unfocused and disorganized. Mash'ta views them as victims, which annoy even wild one, and as exotic creatures. No one believes them capable of Magic, not even themselves. They have magic, but the number of practitioners is a single digit and isn't worth mentioning as a playable aspect.

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