Sunday, February 26, 2012

Felf Rules

For the Active Exploits Take Two Game.


Here are the starting abilities and aspects of Felfs.

Fitness: 0

Awareness: 1

Creativity: 0

Reasoning: 0

Time Magic: 0

Luck: 4

Discipline: 4

Felf have angular faces with long ears that either stick outwards from the head or upwards just reaching above the crown. The tips of their ears are slightly furry and their general physical build tends to be lean. Where there are Fox-kin settlements there tend to be foxes as well. Never treated like pets, they are brethren.

Felf are clever beasts with sharp senses. Their society has complex etiquette, but remain on the friendly side to outsiders. Kind of like a cross between Victorian English and Japanese cultures. All their communities are hidden from the rest of the world, not from Xenophobia, but because there was a time when they were hunted down for fear of their magic. This comes from the story of the Shrinking Mountains which are still shrinking to this day.

Felfs understand and control the vagaries of time. As with all magic, physical touch is required to effect the time of a thing, but it's effects and price vary depending on the situation. All things have two kinds of time, Visual and Substantial. Remember that time must come from somewhere, so if something is sped up, something must slow down and if a thing is rewound, it must fast-forward to catch up.

Diff - Effect

1 - Perfect perception of time and it's effects.

2 - Control of Vision up to and hour

4 - Control of Substance up to and hour, Vision up to a day

6 - Control of Substance up to a day, full control of Vision

8 - Full control of Substance.

Edit: Anything Felf related goes hand in hand with the story of the Shrinking mountains. Only historians know for sure what happened, but the jist is this: A huge army of Borc attacked Felf-kin about 800 years ago. The Felf army froze the Borcs in time, stuck and impervious to outside assult. The time had to be put somewhere, so the Felf-kin put it into the surrounding mountains which age faster and faster each year. Thus, the shrinking mountains.

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