Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Amythra 16

In the beginning, the Ixxar Dragon-Kin and the Marf Mole-Kin entered into an ambitious alliance to create a home for both in the tropical paradise of surrounding lands. Tho the pains to the south were covered in inedible gray-wheat, but the lands bordering the Gold Ocean were lush with jungle and fruit. It was at the border that ixxar design and marf ingenuity came together to create the Impossible Plateau, hollowed out at the north side to make way for the docks and at the south side, the Great Climb, a ramp huge in scope but more stunning was the fact that under the ramp was the housing and City of the Marf people.

Just under the surface of the Plateau was a sprawling set of catacombs and marf homes of mind boggling complexity. As Amythra read the Murals, she realized that marf homes were even under the ramp she walked on then.

The carvings went on; As the city reached it's completion, the ixxar were invaded by surprise by the mume race. Annalow was initially developed as much as a fortress of a city, nigh impenetrable, but the mume seemed to enter from the center of the plateau and the invasion was over as quickly as it started. Annalow ixxar call this event "Zero-Day" and mourn it. For a score or years, the ixxar rebelled until the mume, marf, and effee completed the huge Ebony Tower at the center of the city. Once finished, the Living Goddess Mandra descended and brought about peace through a treaty with the ixxar of Annalow.

This contract is known as the Annalow Foundation, a constitution for the government that the city would know up until even today. Above all else, it was known that the Ixxar and the Mume would be treated as equal, yet uneasy, partners of the city, and that any and every race could take home here. Everyone was allowed the right to life, above all else, and only the effee were not allowed property.

Even after two-thousand years, it is no secret that the ixxar still plot to reclaim the city.

[Aaaaand I missed yesterday. I really need to do something about this. 11 Days left.]


  1. You already know you need a buffer Grim, you just need a measure of how large a buffer to use and when to refill it. Just figure out how far ahead you need to plan, for now aim farther than you think you need. A week in advance should be an adequate buffer with your established schedule, two weeks would set you as completely prepared so that when your buffer empties to one week you fill it back up to two or more. Try to hover between one to two weeks ahead. Set an alarm or reminder, keep yourself aware of your own schedule.

    Your remaining days will be plenty of space for little slip ups later, like forgetting to post when you have a strip ready. For this daily blog's absolute safety you could even widen your buffer, after you've established yourself a small one or two weeks worth ahead, to three weeks and refill when less than three. We believe in your dedication, just apply science and observation of results.

  2. Tomorrow (Monday) is usually my least productive day. I think I'll take your advice and line up a buffer of 7 updates that I can just wake up and upload in the morning.

    I already have a half a week buffer for the Natch Evil comic.