Friday, February 10, 2012

Amythra 19

Jerrow and Annalow both use the same currency of Ixxar origin, so coin was not an issue, but her father only gave Amythra 10 bits. That was just enough for a room at the docks, perhaps, and a couple of meals. Regardless, Jerrow used different designs on their coins, that of ships the Ebony Tower and such, where Annalow used Ixxar writing and symbols (being that they controlled the mint). Amythra was determined to trade one bit for another and keep the coin as souvenir.

The difficulty wasn't in the trade, she found, but in finding someone who would give her the time. After an hour of looking over stand after stand of unimaginable wears and foods, the crowd shuffled her into a branching street where the shops ended and Amythra stood confused, abandoned in the road between two carts trying to muscle into the main street of the bizarre.

At least, she thought, there was a quiet looking inn made of green stone down the way and away from this madness. The girl saw, as she approached, the international symbol of rest, a bowl with a Felf letter meaning "Sleep." The name of the inn was the Borc's Slumber, a name that made sense when Amythra entered.

Behind the counter of the lobby, shaded with blue curtains, sat a large hairy borc snoozing. "Sorry to wake you," said Amythra. Despite the fact that the borc was slumped down in a comfortable looking chair, she still needed to look upward at him. "how much is a night?"

The borc opened one eye which looked her up and down, then he shrugged as if saying to himself, Islander. "'Piece and 2 bits, or 12 pieces for a dozen nights."

Amythra looked glumly into her purse. She still had a ticket for the trip back, which left early morning tomorrow, but if she wanted to keep an Annalow coin, that would leave barely enough for 2 meals.

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