Saturday, February 25, 2012

Borc Rules

For the Active Exploits Take Two Game.


Here are the starting abilities and aspects for Borcs

Fitness: 1

Awareness: 0

Creativity: 0

Reasoning: 0

Fire Magic: 0

Luck: 4

Discipline: 4

Borcs are large, lumbering beasts, growing up to 7 feet tall, like Effee, but they also grow outwards. As Bear Kin, they are hairy all over and all try to sport beards, even the Woborc. Underneath their harry lips are two small upward pointing tusks. The tend to be good smiths and fighters as when they move they act slow and lumbery with short powerful bursts of movement.

Borcs come usually from the northern hemisphere and are build for the cold there of. Great in population and have a variety of cultures. For Annalow purposes, they mimic old Norse values of warrior-ship and might-makes-right principals. That's what most borc in the great city believe, anyway, even if some have different ideas.

The world view Borc as varied, but lazy people. The borcs are so massive, both in size and number, that they really don't care what other's think.

All magic requires physical touch, but Borc touch energy, specializing in fire. Because energy has to come from somewhere, Borc magic tends to leave ice behind. It is forbidden for Borc to take power from a living thing other than plant life. Doing so is such a strain against their upbringing that it will burn 1 point of discipline each time it's done.

Diff- Effect

0/1- Sense of Energy or Movement with in 10 feet.

2- Detailed sense of Energy or Movement with in 100 feet.

4- Clumsy control of Energy, especially Fire.

6- Complex or Massive control of Energy.

8- Massive perfect control of Energy.

Difficulty to do damage along with any other kinds of energy manipulation is 3 + the amount of damage wanted, up to 5. All damage is treated like Injury damage.

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