Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Amythra 13

"By the living Goddess!" Amythra muttered.

"It's big, isn't it?" Marvate was beside her and she was glad, because the size and depth of the docks of Annalow was frightful. She felt as if the whole ship was being swallowed up by a God-Monster. "And yes, sister, the Docks are bigger than our village. And this," he laughed, "is just the docks. Wait until you see the city above."

Amythra felt her heart sink as the shadow of the cavern finally overcast the passenger ship. "What..." She gulped. "What's it like, brother? The city, I mean."

"It's fine, I suppose. Most people are too busy to pay attention to you, but everyone talks with a funny accent. I been told we got what's called 'Sea Speak,' whatever that means. Oh," He ribbed her, "an' you'll see a lot more Effee than you've ever seen. A lot more of everything than you've ever seen. That's Annalow, sister. One big whole lot of everything. 'Right, face me." he turned his sister to face him. "Father doesn't know the city like I do, but I'm sure he gave you warnings?"

"Uh...Oh aye. He said something about gloves."

"No no." Marvate stopped to think. "But don't lose those glove. No one will even let you buy food without gloves, except other womumes." He waved the subject away. "No, but listen. Don't be afraid to ask others anything, but don't let the boys get any closer to ya than they have to. They'll shag anything that moves and your just of age in the city. Also, don't be offended if the Effee or the Ixxar don't pay any attention to you as most of them have their own duties. Keep from underfoot of the Borc. They're huge and they tend to forget they're huge. And if you see a Felf, send me a letter. I love the crazy bastards."

"What about the Marf?"

"Oh you won't see the Marf. They stay underground." He stopped again to think. "Unless it rains, then just get in doors and shut the shutters. It's..." Marvate shuddered. "...strange."

The ship came to a halt as deck hands grabed ropes to begin docking.

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