Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Amythra 22

Before Amythra and Drory made it to Room #5, outside the hotel, around the corner, into the crowd, and under the shade of an awning, Roose and Boose leaned against a vender's counter and contemplated. They were a set of Ixxar Twins and, like all Ixxar, moved and thought as one unit, perhaps making up in number what they lacked in height. Ixxar tended to be no taller than 4 feet. There wasn't anything outwardly remarkable other than the long white hair hanging over their deep blue skin. Unlike a great many Ixxar in existence, let alone Annalow, Roose and Boose smiled a lot.

They smiled because things always went right for them. The universe bent its will just for them and this was no accident. Ixxar are violently privet of their personal affairs, especially regarding their magic, but they have released the smallest hint of Ouroborous saying they 'had a simple gift regarding complex things.' This was three fold for Roose and Boose because these Ixxar had a reliable gift making simple of complex situations which lead to the luckiest Dragon-damned twins in the universe.

It was one of these complicated situations that Roose and Boose contemplated now. "We could," said Boose, "leave it to chance and just not worry about it. Something may fall into our lap, as it always does."

"But," said Roose, "Action without action won't gather us the weapons we need in the bulk we want. Even relying on luck, we couldn't carry crates of swords made illegal in the city anyway."

"What we need," said Boose, "is a legal way to acquire these weapons. It is, after all, for a legal reason or however legal war is outside the city."

"I think war is still legal from an Annalow stand point."

"Hard to say."

The conundrum was unstated because people who were able to make fine weapons in bulk in the city were extremely distrustful of Ixxar, more so than an ungloved womumes. The Ixxar were not inherently evil, you see, but their secretive and amoral nature won them no friends. And so the two thought, until a map fluttered to a halt at their feet.

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