Thursday, February 23, 2012

Amythra 26

Anna rolled her eyes and batted away the other two mumes. "That enough of that. I'll deal with her."

"What about our food?! We paid good gold for that!" Said one of them.

"Yeah," the other chimed in. "we demand reparation!"

"Shut up. We don't know context." Anna pulled the mume's had off of Amythra.

"But..." One look from Goldeyes and the mume shut up.

"You, girl, explain yourself."

Amythra was on the verge of tears. This hadn't been what she wanted at all. " just...I was looking for..." Her thoughts were as fragmented as her sentences. "I'm sorry." Was the most coherency she could muster.

Fortunately, she was just young enough for Goldeyes to face-palm and take pity. "Ugh. It's...okay. Just calm down." Anna turned to the others and said "This was clearly an accident. Cut your losses and leave, boys."

"Hey, what about our food?"

"You got a complaint? Call the city guard." Anna stretched her official looking Red Gaurd gloves tighter on her hands to show them off. "As you can see, this is out of my jurisdiction."

The mumes went wide eyed once the realized her profession and beat it, diving quickly into the crowd. Goldeyes used to firm grip to escort Amythra aside of the festival, next to a shop where a set of Ixxar twins loitered in contemplation. "This is called a crowd, islander. You may not be used to it, but you need to watch where you're going." Anna's voice was firm, but not cruel. She was used to dealing with children.

"I'm sorry." wimpered Amythra.

"Sorry means more than feeling bad, islander. It also means making sure you do not offend again. Are you really so sorry?" Amythra nodded. "Then have the curtsy to look at the ones you bump into. Now, what are you searching for?" Amythra looked up, confused. "You said you're looking for something. What?"

Words didn't come easy, stuck in Amythra's throat. Instead she motioned clumsily at the size of the map, its dimensions , and its supposed where-abouts. Anna narrowed her gold eyes and slowly shook her head. "You're having a fit, aren't you?" This caused Amythra to break out in sobs.

Anna face-palmed again. The awkwardness was too strong here, so she pulled Amythra in a local dinner, passing and ignoring a set of Ixxar twins.

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