Monday, February 27, 2012

Amythra 28

"By Graces" has been in a the Flagon family name for as long as anyone could remember and rumor is told, mostly by the owners, to be the primary reason the Bizzare of Annalow sprouted up to begin with. The inside of the Reed and stone building was a large and every full diner that could be mathematically divided between the old patrons of breakfest, lunch, and dinner and the new foreigners who made trade at the gate of the city. The effect of this was everything a Game Master could need for the proverbial starting tavern of adventurers and, with or without help from outer gods, became just that setting on it's own.

What's the secret to an age old diner? Well, first start with a foundation of stone floors checkered green and the typical kind of blue stone found anywhere in Annalow. Add heavy Berry Wood tables and chairs strong enough to withstand the eventual alcohol induced fight, add a touch of the Flagon family charm and by graces you have "By Graces." Everyone's diner. It was hardly a mistake Anna Goldeyes and Amythra should take a sharp turn into this building. It felt like everyone's home and the smell was nice, too.

Goldeyes sat a weeping Amythra on a bar stool facing out a glassless window and yelled for service. "Pitcher of Leaf Juice and two cups!" One of the three Effee Maids echoed the order and wandered off to fetch it. Out front, the flow of traffic was easier to contemplate as the two womumes were seated a few feet above the crowd. Amythra wiped her eyes clean and finished snotting on her vest so she could get a better look through blurry eyes. It was remarkable that so many people could fit in one place. How did they get around or cart goods or keep from chattering throughout the night? How was anything done? When the refreshments arrived, Goldeyes thanked the maid and passed on one bit before pouring a glass and shoving it under Amythra's face. "Drink this."

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