Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Amythra 24

Amythra's room was small. Smaller than her room back home. The walls were smoothed stone and not the knitted grass and mud she was used to and she felt a little claustrophobic, even if she didn't know what that word meant. There was just enough room for a bed and a stand with a book on top. She'd seen one like it at the village church. She pushed it aside to make way for the contents of her burlap sack.

One nights fresh clothes, an apple, a water skin, an olive-wood box, a return ticket, small blank papyrus, charcoal in a box, and a map...

Wait. Where was the map? Not in the sack, not under the blank paper, not anywhere. Amythra felt like she was falling. With out that map, she wouldn't be able to know what shop to deliver to and she forgot the name of the Borc she was supposed to meet. She couldn't even ask directions. Her brother's words hit her like a punch in the nose "A lot more of everything than you've ever seen." A lot more black smiths, per chance? Great Goddess.

She didn't remember sitting on the bed or placing her palms over her temple. She didn't hear herself speak. "What do I do?" These deliveries were no small affair. The only reason this kind of delivery was made possible was because father's carving skills were so good the sale of them paid for the voyage. Father might be angry enough to kick Amythra out for good and she's had to sell fake flowers on the streets of Jerrow to eat.

It's important to note; We all know the map will come back into her possession and she will somehow help Roose and Boose, but Amythra was unaware of this. So keep in mind, to her the world was crumbling as what was supposed to be proof to her father that she was reliable for making these deliveries in place of her brother was turning into a loss of several crowns of mume currency.

Without looking back, or at anything at all, Amythra darted out of the inn and made way for the crowd of the festival once more. "Plan" was too strong a word for her, then.

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