Sunday, February 5, 2012

Basics of Annalow Government

One would think that the Mume city of Annalow would be run entirely by the church of the Living Goddess, but in order to help quell the Ixxar Rebellion after Day Zero, Mandra had worked out a treaty not with the Dragon God Ouroboros, but with the Ixxar people themselves so that there would be peace. The main gist of the document was that Annalow should have a separate form of rule.

The Annalow Foundation (a.k.a. the Treaty of Mume and Ixxar) states that the City shall be ruled by "...a council of peers, one of each race who hold significant population in the City-State of Annalow, with exception of Ixxar who require two to perform as one." This meant if there were enough of any race as citizens of Annalow, they must have a representative of their race on the council. Each race determines on their own who become the council head.

The structure of Annalow government stands as follows: A council which currently includes one Effee, one Mume, one Borc, two Ixxar, and one Marf, vote and decide laws by majority decision (51% or better). Each Council Member chooses 2 Judges for the Court of Annalow to help interpret laws laid down by the Council for individual basis or to decide how context is relevant to following the law. And below the court is the City Guard and/or military who enforced the law and hold custody if necessary.

Tho not perfect the government has mostly held together with few changes over the last two millennium. Most well known laws are simple things like don't kill, don't steal, etc. For the curious, the Annalow Library, which is open to those with proper certificate, holds three tiers, one for Local history, one for historical laws that have been repealed, and one for current laws.

The foundation holds two things to be absolutely true; That all citizens hold the rights of property and freedom. Mostly, however, interpretation of these two right tend to be messy.

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