Monday, February 13, 2012

Amythra 20

"I..." She twisted her lips. "I don't really have enough, but could I ask a favor?"

"No credit." Said the huge beast behind the counter, eyes closed and settling down to go back to snoozing.

"No, noth'n like that. I...uh...I wonder if I could trade one of my Jerrow bits for one of your Annalow ones."

The borc opened the same eye to look her over. "You what?" From ever behind the borc there was a doorway leading to his house. A woborc snuck a look at the girl from there.

"Yes, well. I mean, it's pretty obvious, isn't it. It's my first time in the home city and..." She stalled.

The borc rolled his one eye. "You don't say?"

"...and I wanted an Annalow coin."

The Borc reached into his pocket, somewhere under his beard, and put a bit on the counter which Amythra giddily traded. She looked at her prize and hopped three times in place, smiling. The Borc, on the other hand, just glanced at the island coin and pocketed somewhere under his chin. He took a good long look at the girl and softened slightly. "It's only a bit, womume."

"Wrong." She smiled. "It's my first Annalow bit." She looked up at the borc, who was twisting his lips into a confused frown. "Well, I just said, didn't I? It's my first time here."

"Surely you have a gold piece to break into change. Could'a got a bit that way." He shrugged.

"No, I don't have much. I'm here on business for one night only. Not enough time for that sort of money." She dropped the coin into a pouch on her hip, separate from her coin purse.

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