Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Amythra 12

The two didn't talk for the rest of the trip until the next day when they ship approached the impossible plateau with an eastern sun to light the way.

Annalow was humongous. Bigger than anything Amythra could have imagined. It began as a blurry shape on the horizon with the Ebony Tower sticking out first, but then the true scope of the place took shape the closer they got. The Impossible Plateau stood higher, already, above the sea than anything Amythra had seen. That the buildings and especially the tower to go even higher boggled her mind. On the right edge, there was the beginning of a ramp carved into the plateau and protected by countless pillars starting at the bottom of the formation, and therefore the north docks, and spiraling around and up at a semi-steep slope until it went out of site half way up.

The docks of Annalow were huge enough, bigger than Amythra's village, and shadowed under a hollowed out cavern, half carved and half eroded by the ocean under the plateau. There must have been a minimum of 50 ships, all different shapes, size, and styles. At least more styles than Amythra had ever known. In the darkness of the docks burned lamps and windows of buildings that lived in perpetual night.

The gulls sang about it as they approached and danced in the air in celebration of all mume who may have their first visit to the Capital City. Welcome home.

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