Monday, March 5, 2012

Drinks of Annalow

Leaf Juice

We've talked about Leaf-Juice. Very simple, really. Long ago, the Borc had a superstition that if you take the leaves from this certain tree and boil it, then strain out the water, the shape of the leaves would leave a secret message that could only be read by someone who trained to read them. These messages told the borc about their love life, how well a competitor is doing, the relationship of children, and so on. As such, the tree was called a Rumor Tree.

It didn't take long for the Borc to also realize just how good the Leaf juice was to drink and it was served hot in great mugs, or mixed with fermented sugar to make it bite back. Annalow does not share the same freezing weather as the northern lands, so they prefer to chill the juice in their pantries and basements. Sometimes in ice-sheds.

Noon Beer

It's basically fermented Grey Wheat. No one is sure who first thought of letting wheat just sit and rot for a while in a bucket of water, but someone did and it was delicious. Beer is as old as the Ixxar and all races except for the Mume and the Effee claim they invented beer. Noon Beer is a lighter brew mixed with ice from the north. It's also called Chilled-Hot beer. Even tho it goes down cold, it hits one's stomach like a fire-bomb.

Bean Juice

This was an invention of the Felf, and no felf can live without it. One cup in the morning and perhaps one at night. They cultivate Cave Beans, which grow on vines in the ceiling of caves to the west of the Shrinking Mountains. It takes a year to grow and harvest, rather than a season like most crops. But the Felfs love it, so take great care of their harvest. They then grind the beans up to a pulp and boil it in a special pot that keeps the bean pulp out of the finished juice. The effect is a full and warming flavor that mixed will with any kind of cream or sugar. That's right. It's basically coffee.

Annalow has found it's own love for Bean Juice, as well, again serving it chilled, but always freshly brewed. If it sits chilled too long, the grinds at the bottom spoil the taste.

Note: If you find yourself running a game in Annalow and want to add some flavor, do what I do. Take a normal everyday drink, like tea, and just mess with it until it's got a fantasy flair. Annalow is a trade city, after all, and sees food and drink from all over Mash'ta.

p.s. This was supposed to be posted yesterday.

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