Friday, March 9, 2012

Amythra 35

As with any city the proverbial back allies, even on the birthday of the Candy Marf, were never a good idea. Trouble visited in the form of a large and drunk Borc hunched atop a barrel of blue wine. He was Derth Bigbeard and his girlfriend had just dumped him. He was just thrown out of his first bar tonight and figured he had at least four more before he was done, but needed a little money to get the next drink.

Fortunately, he thought, there was a small group of people headed this way now. Two womumes and a pair of ixxars. Surely one of them would spare a piece of gold. Unfortunately and unbeknown to poor Derth, one of the womumes was a Red Guard.

"Hey, ladiesss," Derth struggled out the words. Words, right now, were like flies and using them meant Derth had to catch at least three to use one. " got a bit'er two?"

Roose and Boose stepped back and held their nose. "Wow." Said one to the other. "It's amazing! It's like a fish monger combined with a trash heap."

"Thass not....uh..." There was a word Derth was looking for, but he just couldn't slur it.

"Nice?" Boose suggested.

"Nah. 'S the opposite of nice, that is. I m'n, a feller...uh...needs a drink sometime. Come on. It's...Sirroot Mister's day somethin' somethin'."

Amythra knew just how to deal with him, but before that, Anna gripped her arm and lead her past. "Come on, Amythra. Just ignore him." No, thought Amythra, that'll just...

"Ya can'na just leave me without a" Dreth did the calculation and decided on "lady." The borc burped, killing three insects with his breath.

"Looks like you could just breath in," suggested Roose. "And the beer on your breath would keep you drunk for days!" finished Boose. Anna escorted Amythra by, waving the drunkard aside.

"No. It's....s'not nice." Dreth barked and he grabbed Anna by the arm.

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