Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Let's talk about Roll Playing Part 2

Let's set a tone for the rest of the week. With Annalow as a game setting, it would become it's own game (sort of), so I will borrow the four questions of Game Making from John Wick. Those questions are:

What is your game about?

Why is your game about that?

What encourages your players to be about your game?

Why is it fun?

Woof. I have my work cut out for me.

What is your game about?

If we go by Amythra, the basis of the game is one of discovery, but through exploration and philosophy. No RPG I can think of covers Philosophy as a foundational game mechanic, so I'll try that one, and why not? (note: this is a temporary foundation until we can find something less vague) There's RPGs about Comedy, Drama, Adventure, Action, but where's the genre's Six-Degrees of Separation? Where's the Our Town? The introspective battle one alignments? Actually, these are as easy to find as Dungeons and Dragons, with their alignment system. Just ask a Planeswalker about the difference between devils and daemons.

Still, exploration of philosophy isn't D&D's approach, rather that's more about a player's rise to power and their use there of. I may need the help of a philosophy professor to truly grasp the meaning of this game premise, but we'll keep it as a base for now. I know Annalow is NOT about rise of power, even tho there's an obvious power struggle between the Ixxar and the Mumes over the city as well two factions of the Borc up north are waring.

The Mume and the Ixxar are an interesting struggle that makes sense. The Ixxar are vastly intelligent and are, in their minds, trying to right a wrong. The Mumes keep them at stalemate, having the creativity to continually innovate. The Ixxar seek the old way, one's with logic and reason while the Mumes radically grasp for the new and the expressive, making champion emotion and sensation. Similarly, in the north, the Union of Borc Nations that dominate the northern Hemisphere fight against the Borc Cross Militia who struggle to free their people, breaking them back into a city-state society. One big government versus individual governments. This sounds like a battle of philosophy to me. (Edit: Ideals, really)

As always, we may need to work on it, but let's keep Exploration and Philosophy as a foundation for now. This may change in the future as we discover Annalow's premise.

(Blank Map stolen from colorofinsanity.deviantart.com)

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