Monday, March 5, 2012

Amythra 32

For a while, the four didn't speak. Roose and Boose busied themselves with food, Amythra marveled over the unending crowd of people in the festival, and Anna Goldeyes fumed over the loss of a family she hadn't seen since she was 13 seasons old. Anna poured the last of the pitcher into Amythra's glass and finally broke the silence.

"Where did your map lead, Ms. Tanglenet?" Anna asked.

Amythra pulled away from the gorgeous population outside to focus. "Uh...I don't know the name. It must've been a sword smith." Roose and Boose exchanged glances.

"There are a lot of weapon smiths, lately, with the war. How do you know it was a sword smith?"

"Because my father's an ivory carver. He was commissioned to master a sword handle by one of his friends here in Annalow. I have it in my inn room."

"Well, if he's working for the military, chances are good he's in the docks. As you heard, most edged weapons are illegal in the city. Swords are barely tolerated under it." Roose and Boose leaned closer to overhear their two womumes.

"Oh no. I was sure it was in the city proper. Is owning a sword still illegal if you're just making one?"

"Yes, but that doesn't stop weapon smiths from working in the city. I know of plenty of black markets that make blades. Do you know if that was what you were..." Anna stopped. It was because Roose and Boose had leaned so far over to listen that they fell out of their chairs. "Something to add, ixxars?"

The twins stood up and brushed themselves off. "Oh...nothing..." Said Boose. "Just something." Said Roose. "This map you lost..." Said Boose. "Did you lose it near the great climb?" Asked Roose. "Was it like charcoal on a Scroll of Papyrus?"

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