Friday, March 2, 2012

Amythra 31

"Oh, that's not fair." replied Roose who was performing something like the Heimlich maneuver on his brother. "We have no issue against freedom, just..." There was a pop and Boose's food jumped back out of his mouth onto his plate.

Boose Gasped and finished with "...just the excess that mume-kin seems to think freedom leads to. Some choices should not be available for the safty of people kind."

Anna crossed her arms and said "All mumes are free."

"Oh please" Roose said. "Why does no one carry a blade longer then their hand, then? Where are the swords? The Halberds? The 10 foot spears?"

"Ignore them, Amythra," Anna narrowed her eyes. "Everyone knows not to talk politics with Dragon-kin."

"Alright, bad example, Red Guard," Booses words was the first time Amythra realized she was even sitting next to a Red Guard. Up until then, she thought Anna to be just a benevolent womume who got mixed up in the fight outside. Boose continued, "but if a family needs a son, wouldn't it be irresponsible to allow them to join an army not even run by their government?"

"Yeah." Amythra liked the sound of that.

Goldeyes responded with "It's better than being drafted against your will into a war you don't want to begin with."

Roose chimed in, "The draft agents are looking for mume, borc, marf, and even ixxar with combat experience. What does an islander know about fighting?"

"No offense." Boose finished.

"I repeat," said Anna, "All mume are free."

"Nope" Said Boose. "Don't believe it." Said Roose. "Because I see as many mume slaves in the field as any other race. Except, maybe, the Effee."

"As the Effee say, ixxar boys, 'There are many kinds of freedom.' Amythra's brother made a choice. We should respect his decision, as he's submitting to following orders like a slave would, only his service will be to fight and help the Borc armies to the north against he Cross Militia. Even choicelessness is a choice."

"I don't want my brother to be a slave." said Amythra. "I just want him home."

"And in keeping him home against his will, he would be a different kind of slave. One to you instead of to the army of his choosing." Goldeye's words burned a little in Amythra's heart. "Once they are adults, mumes can even choose slavery and the military is just that. Trust me, I know."

"And who's family did you neglect by leaving?" Asked Boose. That shut Anna up. She just turned back to her leaf-juice and shut the hell up.

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