Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Amythra 33

"How could ya' know that?" asked Amythra. Maybe this was such a common occurrence that they had a place just for lost maps. What a strange and wonderful place Annalow had suddenly become.

Anna wasn't so enthusiastic. "An excellent question." She said, narrowing her eyes. She had no idea how the ixxar would be able to read minds, that being mume magic, and of course she had no knowledge of Ixxar magic. What a dark and devious place Annalow had suddenly become. Anna was unconsciously tugging on her gloves, pondering how she would sneak a peek into the Ixxar twins minds.

Roose saw it. "Oh, keep your hands sheathed, Red Guard. We just happened upon a map." He told the truth. "And it just so happens this womume has lost a map." Boose followed up. "And we just happened to have eaten at the same tavern." Roose said. "With this map." Boose pulled out the scroll. They unraveled it and showed it to Amythra.

Mandra must have been shining down on this poor islander girl that day because it was indeed the map we all knew would come back to Amythra. It brought a tear to her eye and dilated her pupils. "This is it. THIS IS IT!" Amythra excitedly jumped off her stool and lifted up Roose and Boose in a bear-hug that would have put a borc to shame. This was the first hug Roose and Boose had received from a mume and they found it not all together unpleasant, if startling.

After only a few fractions of a second, they formed the correct response to sudden embrace. "Uh..." They said in chorus.

Meanwhile, Goldeyes, who snatched the map away, was putting her name sake to work, examining it and looking for flaws. Anything that might tip off this being a fake or a trick. Nothing came to mind, which brought up a bigger mystery of, if this was the genuine map, how in the name of the Living Goddess, could it possibly have come into the hands of a couple of Ixxar who stumbled into an argument with them.

Amythra pointed over Anna's shoulder. "See here! This is my father's friend! A borc named Arrow Mufger. He's a sword smith. This is defiantly my map!"

"So it seems." Anna could not stop checking the scroll over and over. She's must be missing something. It was too big a coincidence.

"Thanks you, Mr. Ixxar and Mr. Ixxar. How can I repay you? Please, anything I can do." The Ixxar twins exchanged glances again. This, they knew, was luck in it's raw form.

Roose brush his hair back with his fingers. "Well...It so happens we need a smith." Boose rubbed his nose with his palm. "If you're the daughter of a friend of Arrow, maybe you could introduce us."

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