Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Amythra 34

Amythra went back to the Slumbering Borc with Roose, Boose, and Anna in tow and the islander grabbed hr father's olive-wood box. The set of ixxar followed of course to meet the necessary Arrow Mufger, legal smithy of weapons, and Goldeyes followed because...well because she just didn't trust ixxar. Anna's excuse was to keep the islander girl out of trouble. Amythra couldn't care less, as the sun began it's evening rituals, casting a pleasant shadow through her inn room window.

Annalow at night does not grow dark, nor the air thick with mist like other cities around the world. The sea breeze had plenty of time to dry out before it reached up to embrace the impossible plateau, plus the lamps and candles went up in the streets in an hour durring sunset. Shopping hours were not yet over, after all, and there was a festival to continue. Speaking of which.

"What are they celebrating?" Asked Amythra to any of her companions as they side-stepped a parade of children hopped up on sugar cane. One of them fell over.

"We're celebrating the birthday of Mr. Rootsir." Anna said, leaning over to help the poor borc-child up.

"It's just an excuse..." Said Boose. "...for the mumes to party." Finiched Roose.

"No argument, for once." followed Anna. "But it's not such a bad thing, celebration."

Amythra looked down at her map, convinced it would clear the crowd at least from her head. No use. The streets were so think with people, finding street names was difficult and her father didn't give any alternate routes. "Who was Mr. Rootsir?" Anna giggle.

"Rootsir," Boose started, "was a candy smith who made more money than should be possible." Roose said. "We're quite sure he was running a few black markets in the docks." followed Boose. "But we couldn't tell for sure. He was a clever marf." Roose ended.

"In other words," Anna said helpfully, "he started this trend of making really good candies and deserts, then molding them using marf magic. He was called the Candy Marf."

"I thought Marfs didn't like people."

"They don't." Roose and Boose said together.

"He did." Anna replied.

Amythra darted down a back ally, which should be a short cut, but is always regarded as a bad move. "This way."

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