Sunday, March 4, 2012

Marf Rules

For the Active Exploits Take Two Game.


Here are the starting abilities and aspects of Marfs.

Fitness: 0

Awareness: 0

Creativity: -1

Reasoning: 0

Material Magic: 0

Luck: 4

Discipline: 5

Marfs are not pretty creatures to those not of their kind. The Mole-kin are mostly hairless with squat and pudgy features and long noses, sometimes broken at the tip. They are also not very charming to those not of their kin, shrugging off insults and complements alike from non-mole-kin. Their cloths represent this with thick woven strands of burlap and tweed, dusty from their homes under the city floor.

With in their own kind, however, they are quite jovial. They have a great love for family, food, and most importantly, earth. From the earth they came and they mold it with the respect their great Mole god granted them as they were themselves molded. Marf are patient with earth and sing to it as they shape stone, dirt, and even steel into their vision. The only thing Marf love as much as the earth is rain. When it rains, all Marf are called to it as if by a siren, and they dance and jump and roll around and sing and generally make merry. This vision is such of alarming contrast to other races that it comes off as creepy. The non-marf of Annalow keep clear of the streets on rainy nights.

Marf have control over material in two ways. Earth Smiths move and mold matter as they control the density of matter, and Alchemist can transmute one kind of matter to another. When being raised, a marf must choose one path or the other. One who can do both is extremely rare.

Remember that all magic requires physical touch. Also, that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Adding weight to an element requires weight taken from something else. If a Marf wants to damage a foe with their power, it takes a difficulty of 3 + the amount of damage they want. This does not ignore armor.

Earth Smith


2- Air

4- Liquid

6- Solid

8- Magic Solid


Diff- Effect

0/1- Sense of what scientific element a substance is up to 15 feet in the earth (like sonar)

2- Detailed understanding of element or mixture of elements and exact weight.

4- Transmutation of one element to an adjacent element.

6- Transmute of one element to another that is 10 atomic weight away.

8- Transmute element into any other element.

[Note: This is the end of the five races one can play. The Ixxar as a race are meant as antagonists. Partly because they are always working toward over throwing the Annalow government and the Church of Mandra, but also because their magic is meant to remain a secret.]

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