Saturday, March 10, 2012

Amythra 36

The reason every race on Mash'ta fear the Red Guard is not only their use of magic that could alter your mind, but also they train in martial arts designed to reach, touch, and break you. And worse, they could make you love it.

Even though Anna had her gloves on, the direct contact between borc grip and her bare arm was enough to sense Derth's mind and it's muddled contents. Reading a drunk mind is like reading a book drunk and Anna didn't have the time to focus. Angry gold eyes turned toward the Borc, but his only answer to them was, "Gimme s...somethin, lady."

"Alright." Anna used her loose hand to grab Derth's grip and she hopped slighty, using the borc's arm as a swing and sliding between his legs, toppling him over himself. He hit the ground hard as Anna got up. "Sleep it off, Borc."

"Shoull...uh..." Derth got up slowly. "Shouldn'a done that."

Amythra was about to step in, but the ixxars, who were comfortably perched on Dreth's barrel of blue wine, stopped her. "Sit back, enjoy the show." Boose said. "She can handle this." Roose said.

The was a loud POP as Derth's drunken fist smashed into Anna's shoulder, spinning her around like a top. He was aiming for her right. The two worked to study themselves, Anna from the spin and Derth from the perceived spin. His head wasn't in the fight, you see. Once ready, Anna started to pull her gloves off, but only got one of them when a large hand that smelled of sweat and booze wrapped firmly around her head.

A loud voice boomed behind Derth like a thunderclap. "HEY!"

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