Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Amythra 38

The blue-green buildings in the next street over absorbed all the pow of the festival voices. There was a distinctly, clearly impossible quiet in the tinted shadows of this road, nearly devoid of people in the dulled rawr. Amythra could think, here.

A mume reached out of his house to light the lamp at his porch, illuminating most of Amythra's map. They were only a few streets away. Turning toward the ebony tower, a black stripe on sunset heavens, she began to march with her companions struggling to catch up.

Anna stepped closer. "That was very impressive, Ms. Tanglenet."

Amythra shrugged the complement off. "All borcs are the same. Forged by their mothers and tempered by their fathers. An' when they're drunk, they become..." she shrugged again. "...simple, I guess."

"Ah." Anna slowed to Amythra's pace, relaxed and looked up at the top of the tower for the 2,222nd time in her life. "Have you given any more thought to your brother?" The islander instinctively turned away from Anna, reinforcing her focus on the map. "Or his decision?"

"Who's had time? You, I suppose?"

"Cool your head, girl. I just ask because we'll probably not see each other again and I'm curious."

Amythra stopped under a public street lamp and threw her arms down. "Well it's none of your business! Not that there's any point to it!" Anne stopped and put her arms behind her. "He's just gone, alright?"

"...and you won't see him ever again?" Anna offered.

"I know." The thought burned Amythra, like touching the sun or looking off the edge of the city. Dreams of plummeting below, tumbling into infinite black. Her brother was gone and she would never hear his voice again. "I know."

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