Thursday, January 12, 2012

Amythra 1

Annalow sits up on an impossible plateau between the fields and forest of the Effee Nation to the south and the Gold Ocean at the north. Perhaps 20 or so miles north sailing from there is the Mume island Jerrow and at the northern edge of Jerrow is a small fishing village called Myrth. Just at the north-east shoreline, on the marshier part of the island was a Iron-wood pier and on the pier sat a girl.

Amythra unconsciously flicked the black beads hanging by her hair and continued her coal sketch of the new ship type that climbed over the horizon. She'd never seen this style of sail, before, and wondered which country or new continent it hailed from, so she quickly made notes of the sails and masts, their positions, and the height of the wheel from the water and so on. It looked light of cargo, but with such an unfamiliar model she couldn't be sure.

Because of its proximity to Annalow, Jerrow the whole island over saw ships of trade or navel fleets from all over the world. Borc ships were long and robust with sharp metal ice breakers at the bow to better deal with the treachery of the northern seas. Mume ships from Annalow or the other colonies swiftly glided with triangular sails and shallow bottoms. This new ship must have been from a Marf nation, seeing how the hull looked solid and rock like. Amythra had a chance to see Marf ships before and up close to marvel at the float-stone they used, but Marf ships were strange, even to a native girl of a fishing village.

She furrowed her Mume nose in annoyance, because nearer and nearer came the voice of her brother tromping through the reeds and calling for her.

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