Sunday, January 8, 2012

ii. Meeting the Third Incarnation

I have a comic I wrote about the encounter Mandra had with her third incarnation. It was sparked by the musical score from Blair Witch Project 2: Book of Shadows. Say what you will about the movie, that score was a thing of beauty, made of sounds bite the artist collected while recording in the woods. Brilliant. The sound was brutal, cryptic, gritty, Gothic, and natural.

As a gift, Mandra was given speech with who she'll become after she dies again. Both of her had opposing philosophy which is bizarre because the third had all the memories and experiences of the second. If Mandra is a magnum opus, then she was the albedo speaking with the citrinitas.

Example: The second incarnation places huge value and faith on life, because life brings sensation, and sensation is still at the center of Mandra's universe. The third incarnation not only killed, but embraced death as dogma. Mandra both believed no one should die and everyone should die. What happened?

So the debates started which felt less like a second personality talking with a third and more like a player speaking with an NPC. Mandra knew or thinks she knew it was a trick, a reflection, equal and opposite, but found it disturbing none the less. It was the first time she was genuinely afraid of what she might become: A sociopath.

I was, perhaps, 22 at the time this all took place, and had adopted my own very strong beliefs in balance. I was exploring the application of Newton's third law of Motion in other fields, like emotion, which cannot hold up under scrutiny unless we rationalize the application.

If you want to read the encounter in comic form, it starts here.

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