Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Amythra 10

The Gold Ocean was not gold, at least not in this part of the world. Despite that, Amythra was enthralled by it and the horizon that surrounded it on all sides. This ship was Mume in design and had a flat bottom with a weight at the back near the rudder. There was a rudimentary oar system below in case the wind died, but that didn't happen during her trip.

"Look at the water, Marvate!" She giddily commanded. "It bends! But it bends no matter where I look!"

"Sister, you act like you've never seen the water before. And it's called a horizon."

"Not like this." They were at the bow of the boat, leaning over the edge. "I mean, I know what a horizon is, Brother, but this is huge! It's like Jerrow could fit in here a hundred times or forever!"

"Jus' be glad yer' not sea sick like that poor fellow." Marvate pointed to a Marf at the side of the ship hugging a bucket and occasionally filling it with dry heaves.

"Oh, he'll be fine." She waved the issue away. "All Marf hate the sea. It's because they sink."

"Marf can't swim?"


"Huh." The Mume held his chin in thought. "Maybe I got something that'll help him." Marvate knelt to open his travel sack and began rummaging.

"Ugh. You're a fool, Marvate Tanglenet." Amythra disapproved. "They'll never let you keep all that once you get to the army."

"Sure they will. What'll they do with it if not?"

"Sell it, I'm sure. The back entrance of Annalow is full of black markets that even the city government uses."

Marvate perked up from his sack. "You don't know that. You've never been!"

"Tell me I'm wrong, then. Go on."

The Mume shrugged. "I can't. S'true enough." And went back to rummaging.

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