Monday, January 16, 2012

Amythra 4

On the way home, Marvate told his sister how excited he was, but she wasn't listening. The dagger handle she had won suddenly wasn't important, nor was the war up north that ate up so many solders against the Borc Cross Malitia. Her brother was going away and there was every chance she would not see him again.

Jerrow was not part of the Annalow government, stationed as a separate country, but both were Mume communities and the invitation to all Mume kind was open to help with the barbarian threat. Amythra knew of the war since she became of age a year ago and hoped it would not effect her family. Her father and brother would continue their trade of sea bone carvings and she was left to take care of them, as her mother was lost to the ocean when she and her brother were children.

Amythra stopped in front of their house, unwilling to enter. She watch her brother witlessly boast his acceptance while entering the home. He hadn't noticed she wasn't there and went on yammering, the stupid log. Time held no meaning for her while she bore a hole in the front curtain of her family shop with her stare.

"Are you okay, Missy?" It was the old Effee Crate, a bearded rabbit-faced creature with a long weathered iron-wood pipe and one of Amy's closest friends. He held several scrolls under his arm, clearly for her father.

"No." She said.

His big old rabbit paw patted her on the shoulder. "I got some business with ya' dad, but after that, you come down to old Crate's house and we'll talk, okay?"

Amy looked down. "Yeah." She followed him inside.

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