Friday, January 20, 2012

Amythra 7

If left to talk about her brother, Amythra knew it would turn into another screaming match with her father. She was thankful for the distraction of the sack again and followed her father's orders to look inside. It held a pair of black leather gloves, a letter of business, and an olive-wood box. She took the gloved first.

"Try 'em on." Burret suggested. She did and found they drew just pass her wrists. "I weren't sure what size you needed, what with yer small hands, but Carrynth down the way said she had a good idea what to make." Carrynth did a good job, indeed, because the gloves were perfect, but tight and comfortable.

"They're trade gloves." Amythra said, still marveling at the quality. They must have cost a lot, given how soft they were on the inside and not on the out.

"You know why ya' must wear them, then?"

"Er...Yes. All womume must wear gloves when doing trade."

"An' you know what that is, Lass?" Amythra shook her head and looked at her father. "It's because the whole world knows the only womume can do magic. Tis' hard enough for 'em to trust a Mume." He itched the side of his face. "The whole world has a strange view o' us, but only womume can be Heart Magi, so trade folk get nervous around them. S'why you're not making a sale in the city. Yer' make'n a delivery for yer' ol' man."

While he talked, Amythra pulled out the olive-wood box and opened it. Inside in silk, there was a beautiful Crow Ivory Sword handle gilded in gold leaf. Swords are not allowed in Annalow, but handles were and this was one of her father's signature pieces. It was beautiful.

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  1. Only womume can do magic - like only women are in touch with their feelings.