Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mumewin Letters 9

14th of Second Spring, 2,001 (AZD)
To my colleagues at the Library of Annalow,

Our plan is set, now that we're in Breathless. The grasslands here are beautiful and must be, somehow, linked to the golden soft wheat I've heard of from the north. Spring here is a wet season, and rain comes and goes all day long painting green on the fields. The image of it blowing in the wind along hills and valleys reminded Chumkin and the others of the sea flowing on a clear day. It is not clear, however, but the overcast skies give way to merciful rain to help cool us off. Watching Junior flap and fish happily in the shallows has uplifted us from the heavy atmosphere of the Effee Forest.

Unconsciously, I believe we've wandered south again, away from the woods. Only today at sunset have we stumbled onto an Effee Village of Bamboo and grass. To my surprise, they held no ill for Chumkin and the others, remarking that they look like traders (Do sailor's regularly trade here?), but my more civilized attire made them uneasy. It's never smooth speaking as an Annalow native to Wild Effee. Unwilling to be the stigma against my friends, I excused myself from the group and returned to the grasslands.

It was just as well, because another creature caught my eye along the way to the village. A creature I've hear of called the Breathless Skringbok and the Breathless Gemsbok, so named because of their location. In this grassland, they are quite prolific as their only predator here are the large panthers scattered sparsely in the country, as well as any anaviated who hunt in these lands. Seems even the Effee tribes who live here are vegetarians, like their Annalow brethren, show want for spingbok hide or meat. Perhaps the horns as well for carving. The Springboks, specifically, interest me in this area.  I've been told that unlike other animals, they dance, literally dance, during the sunset.

I've camped a good distance away on a hilltop with the village in site and have just been joined by Chumkin who was kind enough to bring me some food and rations traded from the village. I'll leave the letter for Junior to deliver until the morning. With hope, we can get better directions to Alexture and some how back on course.

Professor Steven Mumewin

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