Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mumewin Letters 7 (part 2)

On the whole, during the sunlit hours in the thiner part of the woods, we saw nothing more than flashing shadows at the corner of our eyes. In fact, I'm quite certain the wolves fear the light, as if under some blessedly misguided superstition. At the edge, it was safe. At the edge, it was pleasant. And I worried, still, fore I couldn't help but notice that no wild life anywhere we could see ever touched the ground.

Before entering the deeper and thicker enclosures, Davite stopped and pulled out a vile of some fowl and musky flavored perfume and applied it strategically around his person before handing me the liquid and biding I do the same. "All wolves have good noses." he said. Coming from the north-lands where the noble snow wolf and his son the White Hounds, I took Davite at his word and repeated his ritual. Then, as if entering the gates of darkness, we snuck under the shadowyer canopy.

The change was not subtle between the thick and thin woods. There was no chirping, no signs of happy or busy creatures, and the trees became so thick that the roots all but impeded our progress. Before long, Davite and myself were slowly ascending and climbing through heavy branches 10 feet off the ground, careful not to make a noise. We were careful because there seemed to be more shades moving, all of them with eyes.

Our first night in the woods was a lesson in psychology. We climbed up the woods as high as the claustrophobic trees would allow before finding branched sturdy enough to ease worry of falling so as we could rest. To be honest, neither of us slept well, as the devil dogs below would howl at the nearly full moon beyond the canopy. During my own watch, I swear I heard the woods just beyond my vision snap and crick below, as if the creatures were searching for a way up here. There were low growls and barks in all directions below.

At dawn I seemed to glean the plan of the wolves. At first, I thought it was paranoia brought on by the lack of rest, but now I realize my instincts were correct. The wolves knew where we were, and took shifts to keep us awake and in a state of unrest.

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