Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mumewin Letters 7 (part 3)

During our second day, we happened upon a strange opening in the woods. It had the air of a savage and bizarre altar of worship with the branches and canopy above opened artificially, creating a clearing below of a tribal nature. Davite and I exchanged glances, admitting our inexperience to such a sight.

I have heard of such savage nations beyond the gold ocean who practice horrible and primal rituals of cannibalism and decadent blood shed, but even in the north-lands, civilization guarded well against such a practice and never would I have imagined such a sight as this so close to the sacred city of Annalow.

As we inspected the place, we wondered what tribe of peoples could live there. Perhaps one befriending the wolves? I wondered if I could communicate, to understand why they broke and tore the branches of the trees to make this clearing, or what the significance was of the rusted stone at the center of the circle meant. Was that blood? The clearing was not wide at all, maybe 20 feet, but it reach up and out of the woods, feeling more like we looked up from the bottom of a well.

We decided, with the quiet of the woods, and the smaller number of shadows at the edge of our sight, that Davite and I would rest in the trees above. Whatever happened here, the tribe or gathering that made this place would return and we hoped we could talk. We would need our rest anyway and so found a secluded set of branched high above the clearing to sleep.

There was communication, Lady knows I wish it weren't so. But the message ensured that it would be the last restful sleep I would ever have.

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