Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mumewin Letters 7 (part 6)

As I write this last page, Chumkin and two others, a mume and a borc, have hauled me like a sack of wheat onto the raft and we make way South until the forest gives way. The other mume who came with us fled in fear at the site of Davite. It is divine intervention that the other three in my crew show such loyalty and in the state of fatigue I'm in now, I make no complaint. We have all vowed never again to return to this forest. I argue no sentient thing should again enter unless charged with the eradication of those evil creatures.

The mumes and borcs of Elexia must be made of stronger stock than us city people. Davite's body buried by the locals and ourselves proved to them just another soul lost to the woods. A mere hazard of living in the forest.

As for my research, I regard the Dread Wolves as the most evil beings on the planet. They are the only creatures I have ever heard of that kill other than for food. From what I saw of Davites body, death was only a symptom of his horrible wounds as no bite on his body had been meant to eat or feed. They kept him alive on that altar to hurt for the mysterious moon god they worshiped in that clearing.

Tho individually, the wolves are not more powerful than any other dog, their intelligence and cruelty make them terrible foes and their community is strong. Although more study would be necessary to discover things such as their social structure, I see no purpose behind further investigation beyond finding more efficient ways to destroy the species.

Our original plan has been detoured. We once wished to follow the road out of Elexia to the west, but instead we could not endure the woods again and only find rest on the river. I don't know how far south this takes us, having no maps of this area. The security will be worth the inconvenience.

Ungracefully yours,
Professor Steven Mumewin

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