Monday, May 14, 2012

Mumewin Letters 8

12th of 2nd Spring 2,001 (AZD)
To my esteemed friends at the Library of Annalow,

Thank you for your return letters of encouragement. With the help of Chumkin, who is fast becoming a good friend, I have recovered some from my ordeals in the Effee Forest.

We've travels too far south along the river. A few days travel, and I've discovered that Silver River splits at least twice before reaching a gorgeous round lake at the base of a cliff and water fall. The trees are thick, but friendly here, with bright greens and white of flower and leaf. The Wild life is alive and moving along all parts of the forest, floor and branch. It's as if the Tree Goddess, Yggdrasil, is apologizing for the wolves behind us.

Here, we camped at the blessed opening into a huge grassland. With Chumkin's help, we seemed to have pinpointed out location about a hand of days off course. We're off our maps, now. One of the mume's suggested that far enough west will take us back to the gold ocean, and north or south, either way along the shore should grant us a port town to gather our barrings again. Personally, I'm of the belief that if we ask Junior to guide us, the Ibis would take us to any city in the world.

Of Junior; While I've been resting, he's founded a nest on my head. I'm not sure if this is endearing or if he simply seeks a warm place to roost at night, but I'll take what companionship I can get. My dreams are not pleasant places and I appreciate waking to a friend perched on me at night.

The number of eyes in the forest have thinned to almost none, but I still feel like there is one or two wolves that watch for me. Once we get out into the fields of Breathless, the grasslands south of the forest, I'll feel a lot better. The Effees down here have less love for wolf-kin than for Mandra-kin.

Professor Steven Mumewin

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