Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mumewin Letters 2

11th Day of First Spring, 2,001 (ADZ)

To my esteemed colleagues at the Great Library of Annalow,

Many of you would believe, as I had, that my journey would begin by simply following the main road off the Great Ramp of Annalow and heading straight South into Wild Effee territory, but it was not to be so. Chumkin has assured me that the route of least conflict would be to first head east, toward the rising sun and the delta port town of Gustwind where the Silver River flows into the Gold Ocean. Our travel only took perhaps a day on mount and I spent the time getting to know, my horse, by which I mean learning to ride.

Chumkin admitted he, too, was vexed by the cheap animals we road, but the dealer said they had very few miles on them and, as long as we took care of them, these horses would last another 15 years or our gold back. Seems the dealers outside of Annalow are as shrewed as the ones within.

Regardless, Gustwind awaited us and excepted us with open arms and legs and wallets. I refer to the sex trade just at the entrance and surrounding the inns. Gustwind is a large town, perhaps merely a fifth the size of Annalow, but large none the less, and they had the Silver to thanks for that. Many traders and travelers who go by boat stop here and boy, do they like sex. It's no wonder there were so many mume here.

You may notice the deliverer of these mails is a Carrier Ibis. As I look out the window, I see squat and flush trees that hold different colored Ibises as if they were the tree's fruit and I contemplate studying them before leaving.

I must now away and try to keep Chumkin from spending all our funds of whores. I will keep in touch.


Professor Steven Mumewin,

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