Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Amythra 42

Above the city street, Amythra and Anna watched the few parade stragglers and night watchmen below. Anna passed over a jug of wine, which Amythra graciously took. She'd been old enough to drink since she could read, which means either she's a new literate or, more likely, the drinking age is pretty low in Jerrow. This was some of the best wine that touched her lips.

Behind them is a warm lit dinning room, Arrow and the Ixxar twins were cheerfully talking about business over some after dinner drink, leaving the womumes out of it. Amythra didn't mind. Her task complete, she felt relieved. "The Living Goddess stresses on experience, yeah?"

Taking a good glug of drink, Anna wiped her mouth. "Sensation, child. Savor everything."

"What about loss?"


Amythra looked down from her cup to the heavy bag of coins seemingly enshrines on the table beside her. It felt like she had traded her brother for a coin purse. Didn't feel right. She turned back to her glass. "What do I do? I mean, I'd give anything not to feel this anymore."

Anna sighed. She remembered what happened the first time she lost family while on assignment in the western lands. "I can only say deal with it in anyway that pleases you, except one." She put a firm grip on her Amythra's shoulder. "Don't run from it. Run and it'll rot inside you like a disease." She didn't tell the girl that the hurt never really goes away, and who knows? Maybe Marvate would survive and come back home alive.

He would, but Amythra wouldn't see him again.

The night passed with brothers and sisters in the minds of most mume that night. He's not dead, she reminded herself. He's not dead, and I'll write him every chance I get.

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